What Type of Accountant is Right for You?

Trying to find a reputable and experienced accountant and/or bookkeeper in the Essex area can be a daunting process. Managing your business finances is vitally important, so you want an accountant who is knowledgeable, honest and calls you back when you have questions.

Recently we’ve had numerous clients in the Chelmsford and Brentwood areas switch to us who previously used large, well known firms.

So why did they change accountants?

The two main reasons they tell us are:
  • They were paying high fees
  • They were getting poor service

Large accountancy practices have big clients who are much more profitable than their smaller clients. While they provide smaller clients with a basic service, they spend more time with their bigger clients. So not only are small businesses paying large fees, they are also get little service.

Smaller accountancy practices charge lower fees and value all of their clients (regardless of size). Why? Well for a small firm such as ourselves, our success lies in the success of our clients. We treat our one-man band clients the same as our larger ones. It’s not uncommon for us to meet with clients at the local pub to discuss business over a pint. After all, it’s important that you trust and feel comfortable sharing your financial details with your accountant.

What about complicated tax issues?

Worried a smaller accounting firm may not be able to help with a complicated tax issue? Our team consists of an experienced Chartered Accountant who can deal with most issues. We also have back-up for the very complicated issues. If a specialist tax adviser is needed, we can refer you to a specialist who we trust and know will do the job well.

We’re not saying a smaller firm is right for everyone – but for many small businesses it’s worth giving a few different firms a call to see what they offer. Ask about fees (whether they are fixed or at an hourly rate), qualifications, and working practices. They should be willing to give you a free initial meeting to introduce themselves and discuss your requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, give Emily a ring to arrange a free consultation to learn more about Nine Ashes Bookkeeping and the many different bookkeeping and accounting services we provide in the Chelmsford and Brentwood areas, and throughout Essex too.

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