Switch Off and Switch to Nine Ashes

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The General Election takes place on 7th May 2015 and there are no clear favourites to gain the required majority to form a government.  The results will start to come in late in the evening on the 7th May and the remainder past midnight and in the early hours.  All businesses will be keeping an eye on the outcome and wondering who will hold the balance of power at the end of the day.

The likelihood is that there will be alliances made by different parties to help prop up either a Conservative or Labour government with the Liberal Democrats and SNP involved in some shape or form. UKIP have much support for their stance on withdrawing from Europe and whether this brings them seats in Parliament is anyone’s guess.

Without any real party dominating the House of Commons it leads to uncertainty for the country and this in turn leads to uncertainty for businesses not matter what size they are.

Nine Ashes Bookkeeping is certain on one thing.  If you switch to using our services you can be assured of a quality service at all times, transparency of what to expect in terms of service and charges, and a clear mandate of help and customer service to assist you in all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounts.  We always give our peers the utmost credit for their endeavours, but have belief in our own abilities that we can provide a service greater than you will find anywhere else at a very reasonable price.

So if you are in the Chelmsford or Brentwood area then switch now to Nine Ashes Bookkeeping and make sure you have some consistency going forward that you never have to worry about again.