Welcome to our new website

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Thanks for checking out our very first blog entry on our completely revamped website. We’re excited to have our new website up and running and to finally have a blog live. Have you had a chance to look around the website yet? We’re keen to hear what you’d like to see on here (both the website and blog), so please drop me (Emily)  an email to let me know your thoughts.

This blog will look at a wide range of topics that relate to running a business. We’ll provide practical business advice and tips, as well as look at what’s in the news, and breakdown any new rules and regulations businesses and individuals will need to be aware of.

We know that the finance side of business can be complicated and, lets face it, often boring, so we’ll try and make it easy to understand and, quite possibly, even interesting. So, if you’re unsure as to whether your business should register for VAT, want to know what the key dates are for filing info with HMRC (that’s HM Revenue & Customs) or just want to know how the budget affects you, we’ll cover it all here.

If that sounds like something you might like to read about there are a few ways you can be alerted to when a new blog goes up. No, we won’t email you updates (our inbox is inundated with updates already and we’re guessing yours is too), we will simply let our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers know. So if you use any of those sites please check us out and like/follow us. All the details and links can be found below.

I think that’s enough information for one day so I’ll sign off now but thanks again for reading.